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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a swimmer selected for a gala?
Our coaches select swimmers for galas on the basis of ability, correct stroke, style, speed and commitment to training and age.

2. How do I buy Club clothing for my child?
If your child starts to represent the club in any event/section you may wish to purchase a FSC hoodie, polo top, swimming hats or teabag top. Please see Caroline Holt at the pool or email your enquiry to paulholt204@btinternet.com

3. I have a complaint and would like to talk to someone about it?
If you are unhappy about something that happens at the club or you have any concerns, please speak to any coach/teacher or committee member informally and they will try to resolve the issue. If you wish to take the matter further or want it dealt with more formally from the beginning, please contact the Club Secretary whose contact details can be found on the club notice board.

4. I would like to help out occasionally but don’t want to over commit, how can I help?
There  are always plenty of small things that need doing so please let us know if you can help in any way. The clubs survival is based on lots of lovely volunteers!

5. My child has been told she/he should enter an Open. What is this and what do I do?
This is a swimming event open to all abilities from the age of nine upwards for which entry fees apply. A list is put on the notice board inviting squad swimmers to put his/her name against a race s/he wishes to enter. You will then be told how much money you need to pay to cover entry fees. Please ask Ruth or Peter Crouch if you need to know more details. 
Make sure your child is ASA Category 2. Forms are available Clare Stemp.

6. Why does Squad swimming training take place so late in the day?
Due to the high demand of Faversham Swimming pool we are unable to get earlier training times for the squad.

7. I like coming to training but I am not really interested in attending galas as I have other things I want to do at the weekends?
We understand swimmers have other commitments during the weekends, but please try and make every effort to attend galas so that we can put our best team forward and achieve good results which in turn boosts the whole club morale.
Alternatively if you don’t want to do galas you may be better suited to swimming as an Improver with a specific training programme. This enables Squad time to be kept for those swimmers that do want to compete.

8. I have been training with squad but I haven’t been selected for a club gala yet?
This could be because there are a number of other children in your age group who are faster than you, or some of your strokes may be illegal and therefore likely you could be disqualified in a race. Lastly, perhaps you have not seemed as committed as other swimmers during training. 
Remember to always listen and do as you are asked in training in order to achieve the best results.