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Confident swimmers are invited to Improvers to further develop their strokes, build stamina, learn to dive and do correct turns. Improvers swim in lanes for a continuous hour once a week. The swimmers learn discipline, lane etiquette, and the ASA rules and guidelines for correct strokes.

The Improvers section feeds in to squad, and if the swimmer shows aptitude, focus and ability they will be invited to join squad.

It is important swimmers attending Improvers listen to their coaches and have the correct appropriate swimwear and well-fitting googles. We often find goggles that constantly fill with water and are uncomfortable cause a lot of wasted swimming time and inconvenience for everyone. Ideally wear a club swimming hat; this keeps hair out of eyes, helps streamlining and keeps our pool clean. Fully fitted costumers for girls; no bikinis or tankinis. Boys must wear swimming trunks or jammers not board shorts.

You can view the club timetable here