Squad swimmers

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You will be invited to squad, or have been assessed to ensure you are ready. Good luck and enjoy the next part of your swimming journey.

Being a squad member means you are ready to commit to more swimming time, develop your stroke technique, build your stamina, get fitter, stronger and faster.

You will then be ready to start to compete at Opens and Galas.

A guide to Development Galas can be found here.

A guide to Opens can be found here.

Remember: all swimmers must learn to pack their swimming bags, they must be responsible for their kit. A swimmer who learns from an early age to take responsibility for their required equipment has a better attitude towards their sport, and learns not to blame others for mistakes.

All squad swimmers must take a plastic bottle of water poolside, as dehydration affects performance.

Check out the swimming timetable to see how many sessions are available to you. It is advisable to attend as many sessions as you can to improve. Talk to your coach about what is realistic and achievable.