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Water Polo is a fast-moving, competitive, physical, tactical game. Confident swimmers from the 8 years old are welcome to give it a try.

Junior Polo training is on a Sunday in the Winter, and a Tuesday in the summer.

Adult Polo is on a Tuesday.

Please visit our timetable under About Us / Training times for full times and details.

Faversham Swimming Club's Water Polo section reformed in 2007 after a ten year absence. The reformed team are a sociable, friendly, welcoming and ambitious group of players of varying ages and abilities. 

For those with no knowledge of Water Polo, it does NOT involve swimming horses! Water Polo is a great team sport that is both physical and tactical. Often regarded as the most physically demanding of team sports, it affords players a high level of physical fitness. A game consists of two teams each with seven players, of which one is the goal keeper. The team pass the ball with one hand and shoot into a goal 3m wide and 0.9m tall. Games are played in four quarters of approximately 10 minutes each with a short break in between each quarter.

Faversham compete in the East Invicta tournament, Kent league, Norman Beadle cup and the Monson/Faversham 5 match ‘test series.’ Finally we will be hosting our annual friendly invitation tournament outside in the summer months. 

The Water Polo Section of the club is keen to emphasise their commitment to developing a squad of first team players, B team, juniors and a ladies team. The club are inclusive and like to ensure every person that demonstrates commitment at training will play competitive water polo.

Faversham players have recently been selected to play for a number of regional/BWPL teams including Kent U19, Kent U16, Invicta and East Invicta. Well done to those players.

In the winter all training takes place indoors but in the summer the polo section enjoys training and games outside. A great spectator sport, especially on warm sunny evening.

Please come along and watch training or a game on a Tuesday evening from 8.45pm, games for the adults are played most Tuesdays at Faversham from May to September.