Sittingbourne Gala October 2015

Faversham Make Waves At Sittingbourne Gala

Faversham Swimming Club held their heads high finishing 2nd when they competed against local clubs Sittingbourne & Milton, Sheerness and Beachfield at Sittingbourne’s home gala. They wowed the crowd with some spectacular swims breaking 7 club records.

Nina Connell was in fine form breaking 3 club records including the girls 8 years 25m butterfly in personal best time of 26.25. Nina also broke club records in the girls 8 years 25m Breaststroke (p.b. 25.63) earning her a 1st place and 25m Freestyle (p.b. 30.88). Other record breakers were Nathan Williams in the boys open 100m Freestyle (p.b.1.11.01), Sophie Molton in the girls 11 years 25m Freestyle (p.b. 15.59) which secured her a 1st place win and Max Fordyce who won the boys 10 years 25m butterfly (p.b. 17.68) and boys 10 years 25m Backstroke (p.b. 19.72) in which he came 2nd.

Faversham swimmers who came 1st were Molly Hebden in the girls 11 years 25m Backstroke (p.b. 19.52), Nathan Williams in the boys 13 years 50m butterfly and Nellie Murray in the girls 10 years 25m Backstroke (p.b. 22.08). Second place wins were awarded to the Breaststroke squadron relay team ( Nina, Ethan, Nellie, Max, Molly H, Patrick, Eva, Jamie, Nicola, Adam, Molly S and Nathan) also winning 2nd places were Rebecca Crouch in the Open 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke, Mia Kirk in the girls 15 years 50m butterfly (p.b. 37.84), Eva McIntyre in the girls 13 years 50m Breaststroke and 50m butterfly, Molly Stemp in the girls open 100m Breaststroke, Kia Drake in the girls 13 years 50m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke (p.b. 38.93), Holly Joiner, girls 11 years 25m butterfly (p.b. 18.88), Oscar Williams, boys 9 years  25m Backstroke (p.b. 21.62), Nellie Murray girls 10 years 25m butterfly (p.b. 24.10), Lauren Scott, girls 15 years 50m Freestyle and Niah Stemp, girls 11 years 25m Breaststroke (p.b. 23.28)

Third place winners included Max Fordyce, boys 15 years 50m butterfly, Adam Platt, boys 13 years 50m Breaststroke (p.b. 47.58), Nellie Murray, girls 10 years 25m Freestyle (p.b. 19.07), Ethan Sharman, boys 9 years 25m butterfly (p.b. 27.53) and boys 9 years 25m Breaststroke (p.b. 28.65), Emily Molton, 15 years 50m Backstroke (p.b. 48.22), Jamie Spice, boys 11 years 25m butterfly (p.b. 21.88) and Harrison Scott, boys 11 years 25m Freestyle (p.b. 16.65).

The Tesco star was awarded to Nellie Murray and Oscar Williams, competing in his first gala was a worthy winner of the Tesco shield.

Other swimmers gaining personal best times included Joshua Wilkins, boys 10 years 25m Breaststroke (p.b. 32.27), Louis Connell, boys 11 years 25m Backstroke (p.b. 24.15) and Patrick McIntyre, boys 11 years 25m Breaststroke (p.b. 25.59).

The final scores were 1st place Beachfield 266 points, 2nd place Faversham 197, 3rd place Sheerness 194, 4th place Sittingbourne 190 and 5th place Milton 103.

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Written by Tim Boorman   
Monday, 07 March 2011 17:44

Guthrie shatters record

Faversham Swimming Club’s swimmers were pushing boundaries and aiming high at the recent Sheerness Memorial Gala.

Squad members shattered personal best times and James Guthrie stood proud after breaking the clubs 12 year old boys 50 metre breaststroke record in a time of 40.95.

Young Joe Wall was smiling as he shattered four of his own personal best times, whilst Lauren Scott broke two of her own in the 25 metre butterfly and freestyle races.

The Tesco Gala Star was awarded to Alice Searley and the Tesco Gala Shield went to Joanne Hawkins, both girls produced some fantastic performances which helped Faversham to snatch a well deserved third place.

But the battle of the evening was fought by Margate and Folkestone and in a nail biting Gala Margate managed to clinch first place to win, just one point ahead of Folkestone.

Head Coach Sharon Wenn commented “ Taking third place was very pleasing as we were a few swimmers down and right up until 5pm we were unable to find enough swimmers for the relay team. However, a big thank you goes out to Emily Westlake and Tom Pearce for giving their evenings up as I know you had other plans. Well done to James Guthrie for breaking the 12 years 50 metre breaststroke Club Record “.

Swimmers awarded with first place were Joe Wall boys 9 yrs 25 mtr breaststroke (Personal best time of 25.22) and 25 mtr butterfly (P.B.21.42), Olivia Hawkins girls 10 yrs 25 mtr Butterfly and 25 mtr breaststroke. James Guthrie boys 12 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke, Rebecca Crouch girls 11 yrs 50 mtr freestyle (P.B.34.86), backstroke and butterfly.

Second place winners were Molly Stemp girls 9 yrs 25 mtr breaststroke (P.B.25.48), James Guthrie boys 11 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke, Tom Pearce mens open 50 mtr butterfly (P.B.32.59) and 50 mtr breaststroke.

Those swimmers snatching third place were the 12 x 25 mtr breaststroke squadron relay team and the 12 x 25 mtr freestyle squadron relay team. Lauren Scott girls 9 yrs 25 mtr butterfly (P.B.24.72), Joe Wall boys 9 yrs 25 mtr backstroke (P.B.23.39) and 25 mtr freestyle (P.B.18.55). Alice Searley girls 10 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke (P.B.51.33), Lucy Burchell girls 11 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke (P.B.51.83) and Blaine Ramsden boys 10 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke (P.B.55.80). James Guthrie boys 12 yrs 50 mtyr freestyle, Joanne Hawkins girls 13 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke and ladies open 50 mtr backstroke, Marty Boorman boys 13 yrs 50 mtr breaststroke, Emily Westlake ladies open 50 mtr breaststroke and Tom Pearce mens open 50 mtr backstroke.

Other swimmers with personal best times were Lauren Scott girls 25 mtr freestyle (21.04), Lucy Burchell girls 50 mtr breaststroke (52.02), Blaine Ramsden boys 50 mtr butterfly (50.55), Jasmine Locke girls 50 mtr butterfly (39.45), Marty Boorman boys 50 mtr backstroke (44.86) and 50 mtr butterfly (44.05), Tom Pearce 50 mtr freestyle (28.88).

The Gala’s final points positions were 1st place Margate with 122 points, 2nd place Folkestone on 121 points, 3rd place Faversham with 99 points, 4th Beachfield 84, 5th Maidstone 70 and 6th Sheerness 43 points.


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