Kent Synchro Championships 12th November 2017

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22 Nov 2017
Faversham S.C. at Kent Synchro Champs

Emily Ing brings home bronze at Kents

Faversham S.C. Synchronised swimming section competed last weekend at the Kent County Synchronised Championships. They sent a strong team of nine members to compete against clubs from Erith, Hythe Aqua, Medway Mermaids and Sevenoaks at Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury. The Faversham girls each performed individual figure work which was then scored by independent judges.

Emily Ing and Dervla Murphy, competing in the Grade 3 15-18 year category, were required to complete an Ariana, Barracuda spin 360 and Albatross half twist. Emily’s grace and accuracy was rewarded with a brilliant bronze medal and she received a super score of 33.4953. Fine figure work by Dervla Murphy’s gained her a great 4th place with a score of 27.4190.

Nancy Neagle competed in the Novice section 12 & under group. Her excellent execution of a Tub 360, Oyster and Stationary eggbeater for 10 seconds placed her 5th with a score of 40.2223. Rachel May scored an amazing 40.0890 and placed 6th. Great performances by Florence Martel (score 38.3443) and Ruby Harrison (score 36.5667) placed them 9th and 11th respectively. All these Faversham girls were competing in their first Kent Championships.

The girls in the Grade 2 13-15 years category were asked to perform a Ballet Leg Single, Barracuda and Walkover Front. Eleisha Skinner’s controlled perform was given a super score of 33.6140 and 10th place with Abbey Sewell receiving a strong score of 27.2865 and finishing 11th.

The Grade 0 12 and under category required a Back Tuck Somersault, Bent Knee Alternate and Fishtail Position. Lucy Horton performed this well, received a score of 35.1829 and finished in 14th place.

Once all the individual figures had been completed the Faversham Synchro team competed in the Combination Team Division 1 13-18 years. Abbey Sewell, Dervla Murphy, Eleisha Skinner and Emily Ing performed an artistic and perfectly synchronised routine to songs from the film Dirty Dancing. Their hard work and preparation over the previous months was rewarded as they earned a score of 47.8000 and a fabulous 5th place.

Head Coach, Rachel Ing was very proud of the performances of all her Synchro team adding “I am so pleased with the girls’ achievements especially with the limited training time that they have. All their hard work has certainly paid off”

The next performance for the Synchro team will be at Christmas and they are training hard in readiness for this.