Faversham Midsummer gala 14th July 2018

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14 Jul 2018
FSC at Midsummer gala 2018

Faversham Swimming Club hosted the Midsummer gala on Saturday 14th July where they welcomed Beachfield, City of Canterbury, Herne Bay, Sittingbourne & Milton and Thanet swimming clubs.

It was a beautiful hot sunny evening and the children had some incredible swims. The coaches were super proud of all of them. Faversham secured themselves a second place overall in the competition amongst cheers and celebrations within the team!!

There were 5 club records broken by Max Fordyce in the 13 years boys breaststroke, Neve Smith in the 11 years girls breaststroke, Eva McIntyre in the 15 years girls breaststroke, Nina Connell in the 11 years Freestyle and Emily Holt in the 16 years girls Freestyle. A massive congratulations to them all!

There were copious numbers of PBs from Luke Holdsworth, Neve Smith, Luke Butterfill, Jessica Perkins, Kempton Scott, Louis Connell, Ethan Sharman, Gregor McRobb, Lewis Edwards, Bella Holt, Havva Ibrahim, Emily Holt, Olivia Springett, Scott Pearce, Mazie Kilgannon, Zeno Burns, Max Fordyce, Nina Connell, Cameron Bullard, Molly Fordyce and William Roe. All of these swimmers represented their club with determination and showed that their hard work and dedication to training really pays off.

There were many other fantastic swims by all who took part in each of the events. It was a hugely successful evening and a massive thank you to all who took part and made it possible. Overall Thanet were the winners with 250 points, Faversham had 201, Herne Bay 186, Beachfield 184, Canterbury 133 and Sittingbourne 125.

Individual congratulations to Jessica for being presented the Tesco Star and to Nina for receiving the Tesco Shield awards. Head coach Paul Holt awarded both trophies for fantastic swimming and commitment to the team!! Well done all.