Orpington Ojays Season Starter 30th September 2018

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30 Sep 2018
FSC at Orpington Ojays 2018

Faversham swimming squad members represented the club on the 30th September at the Orpington Ojays competition. There were some amazing swims from the team and they all worked together and supported each other throughout the competition.

Jessica Perkins had a fantastic competition achieving two PB’s in the girls 9/10 years Breaststroke and Freestyle. She also earned herself a Kent Consideration time and a first place in the Breaststroke. Well done Jessica.

There were also great swims from Oliver Edwards and Neve Smith who earnt Improved Kent Consideration Times. Oliver achieved his and two PBs in the boys 14 years 100m Backstroke and boys 14 years 50m Freestyle. Neve for the Girls 11 years 100m Breaststroke and a Kent Consideration Time and PB in the Girls 11 years 200m IM. A huge well done to both of these swimmers.

There were first place medals for Mia Kirk in the Girls 15 years 200m Freestyle and Eva McIntyre in the Girls 15 years 100m Breaststroke. Both girls also swum themselves to second place medals in the Girls 50m Freestyle for Mia and the 100m Freestyle for Eva. Fabulous swims girls well done!

There were lots of PBs for Lewis Edwards in the Boys 9/10 years Freestyle, Molly Fletcher Hebden in the Girls 14 years 100m Butterfly and Girls 100m Breaststroke, Amber Gavin in the girls 9/10 years breaststroke and Samuel Hawkins in the Boys 15 years 100m Freestyle. Philip Rafeletos swum 4 events and managed to PB in each and every one of them!!

A huge well done to the whole team who once again showed great sportsmanship and competitiveness. Everyone was very proud of them all.