Synchro Championships Sunday 14th July 2013

Emily Ing Synchronises Her Wins At Championships 

Faversham Swimming Clubs Synchronised section held their annual summer championships outdoors recently with the spectators being treated to some exceptional performances from the dedicated synchronised members.

The evening began with the Beginners Under 11years category which was won by Eleisha Skinner on 46.70 points for her demonstration of an Oyster and a Tub and Back Tuck Somersault. Newcomer Jasmine Locke put on a fine performance in the Beginners Over 11 years winning the event with 50.60 points.

The Juniors competition involved a number of figures including a Front Tuck Somersault, Back Pike Somersault and Bent Knee Alternate. Emily Ing was on fine form, her perfect performance won the event with 54.10 points, Poppy Boorman was delighted with her figure work and scooped second place on 53.00 points, whilst young Dervla Murphy took third place on 52.00 points.

The spectators were treated to some truly delightful figures from the senior girls, who’s dedication to the sport paid off as they performed a Blossom and a Walkover Front and Kip. Abbie Collins dynamic display caught the judges eye and was rewarded a first place win with 55.00 points. Georgia Harlow also put on a fine exhibition, narrowly missing out on the number one position with 54.81 points, with Megan Walton taking third place with 53.08 points.

The girls returned after a short interval to carry out their Solo routines to popular music. The judges were treated to some beautiful displays from all the girls. However, it was young Emily Ing who, yet again, produced the winning combination to collect the Solo trophy with 87.70 points. Megan Walton captivated the crowd with her delectable performance, taking second place on 87.49 points. Poppy Boorman’s display both above and below the water earned her third place on 85.45, whilst  first time performer Jasmine Locke took fourth place with a commendable 82.75 points total.

The Duet competition saw dynamic duo Dervla Murphy and Emily Ing produce a remarkable collection of seamless moves within the water, their timing was impeccable and they were richly rewarded with first place on 115.20 points.

On completion of the competition the spectators were entertained by the Synchronised section display teams. Team Wenlock and Mandeville wowed the crowd with some exquisite dance moves and difficult technical configurations. Then it was the turn of team Pride, the girls were performing their routine to various James Bond theme tunes, where there devoted enthusiasm matched the music. Some very complex and elaborate moves were accomplished to the delight of the spectators.

The presentation of the trophies was undertaken by the President of the Swimming Club, Mrs. S. Robertson and Chairman Mr. S. Myburgh.

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