Dartford, Orpington and East Invicta Opens 2014

Records Dashed At Dartford, Maximum Speeding Ticket Obtained At Orpington And Kent Times Embraced At East Invicta

Faversham Swimming Club have been achieving continued success at recent competitions held throughout Kent. The Clubs swimmers motivation and hours of training have enabled them to consistently break club records and produce some remarkable personal best times.

During the recent Dartford District and Erith Meet Faversham returned home with a mountain of 19 medals. Fifteen year old Rebecca Crouch was on fine form after grabbing gold in the girls 50mtr backstroke in a time of 37.06 and a further gold followed in the 100mtr backstroke (1.21.17). Rebecca snatched silver in the girls 100mtr individual medley (1.22.75) and 50mtr butterfly (38.26). She bagged bronze in the 50mtr freestyle (32.00) and the 100mtr freestyle (1.11.64).Further medals were awarded to fourteen year old Olivia Hawkins who broke the club record, received a Kent time and a 1st place win in the girls 50mtr backstroke (P.B.33.77) and was 2nd in the 100mtr backstroke (P.B.1.13.96). Emily Ing took gold in the girls 13 yrs 100mtr butterfly (P.B.1.46.01). Max Fordyce smashed the club record and grabbed gold in the boys 9 yrs 50mtr breaststroke (P.B.48.21) and won gold in the 100mtr individual medley (1.35.33). He won silver in the 200mtr individual medley (3.24.71). Eva McIntyre bagged bronze in the girls 11 yrs 100mtr butterfly (1.33.85), Molly Stemp took bronze in the girls 13 yrs 50mtr breaststroke (42.92) and 200mtr breaststroke (3.24.87). Other swimmers competing were Lauren Scott and Nicola Crouch.

The Orpington Ojays Season Starter open saw further club records tumbling from Faversham's finest. Young Max Fordyce was furnished with four club records and gold medal wins. Including a speeding ticket for his sprint in the 200mtr Breaststroke Open race, stopping the clock in a record breaking and personal best time of 3.39.06 (speeding tickets, or badges of honour, are awarded to swimmers who exceed the entry time as specified by the amateur swimming association). Max's other gold performances were in the 50mtr freestyle (P.B. and Kent Time 37.29), 100mtr individual medley (Kent Time and P.B. 1.34.59) and 50mtr breaststroke (P.B.50.15). Molly Stemp took bronze in the girls 13 yrs 100mtr breaststroke (P.B.1.34.03), Flora Westlake snatched silver and broke the record in the girls 200mtr breaststroke Open (P.B. 3.14.21), club records were also broken by Olivia Hawkins girls 14 yrs 400mtr freestyle (P.B.5.18.68) and 200mtr individual medley (P.B. 3.00.10). Rebecca Crouch girls 15 yrs 400mtr freestyle (bronze medal and P.B.5.19.78) and 200mtr freestyle Open race (P.B.2.32.45).Further swimmers participating were Emily Holt, Eva McIntyre, Lauren Scott  and Nicola crouch.

The East Invicta Championships held at Canterbury saw Faversham swimming Club members again smashing countless club records and being richly rewarded with personal best times. Records were broken by Emily Holt in the girls 11/12 yrs 800mtr freestyle (P.B.11.37.61), Flora Westlake girls 13/14 yrs 200mtr breaststroke (P.B.3.12.70), James Guthrie boys 15 yrs and over 100mtr breaststroke (Kent Time and P.B.1.16.94, James claimed a 4th place win in the final of this event) and 50mtr breaststroke (Kent Time and P.B.34.46, James produced a 5th place win in the final of this event), Max Fordyce boys 9/10 yrs 200mtr individual medley (Kent Time and P.B.3.21.71), 50mtr breaststroke (P.B.49.20), 200mtr breaststroke (P.B.3.36.63) and 100mtr individual medley (P.B.1.32.13). Olivia Hawkins girls 13/14 yrs 800mtr freestyle (P.B.10.32.14) and Rebecca Crouch girls 15 yrs and over 800mtr freestyle (P.B.10.54.10). Further swimmers producing personal best times were the girls 11/12 yrs 200mtr freestyle team (2.22.64), the girls 11/12 yrs 200mtr medley team (2.44.76), Kia Drake girls 11/12 yrs 50mtr freestyle (35.90) and Molly Stemp girls 13/14 yrs 100mtr breaststroke (1.33.44).

Faversham Swimming Clubs Open and Gala Secretary Ruth Crouch recognized the hard work put in by the swimmers and commented "Congratulations to all our swimmers for such a great medal haul throughout the recent competitions. Despite the tough competition from the participating clubs we produced some fine performances with many records being broken and personal best times continually being beaten. Very well done to Max who's third place overall ranking in the boys nine year old age group at the East Invicta competition earned him a place at the East Invicta Olympic Training camp in January".

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